Breitfeld & Schliekert is a German brand of workshop accessories and optical trade items, where it has established itself as a brand of quality and recognized notoriety. The world of optics is a multifaceted and dynamic world focused on adapting to needs and that is why B&S ensures constant progress, coupled with technological development. For more than 80 years it has been making a difference and guaranteeing improvements and innovation in its offer. Its extensive know-how, combined with German quality, allows the brand to boost and improve its already elaborated portfolio. Our latest workshop catalog reflects what we want to pass on to our customer: a reliable line of instrument and machine products for the optical market.
Products with high functional quality for daily use and “refined craftsmanship”.


  • Quality is our world

More than a promise, we take our quality as a guarantee.
We have an offer of very special quality products with regard to function, design and convenience.

  • Design is our brand

The same exacting standards established for the quality of our products are applied in the design. B&S “design articles” facilitate handling and make work more enjoyable.

  • Innovation is our motivation

The world of optics is evolving faster and faster. B&S is concerned with small and large innovations, in order to increasingly adjust its offer to the needs of its customers.

  • Service is our virtue

Service is an essential quality of B&S. Providing good service also means being generous, and as such the brand guarantees a service of excellence in service and response to its customers.