Fitting Box

Since its creation in 2006, FittingBox has concentrated its efforts on the design and creation of interactive solutions for professionals in the field of optics.

When adding technology, augmented reality and knowledge of the market, there is a focus of know-how in three specialties:

  1. Design and creation of Virtual Try-On solutions for glasses
  2. Professional eyeglass photography for creating digital or printed catalogs
  3. Creation of turnkey websites easily configurable

All of these solutions have the same objectives: to provide a new eyeglass buying experience for online customers, turn potential customers into effective buyers and reinforce the attractiveness of the point of sale, whether online or in store.


  • N ° 1 in Virtual Try-On solutions
  • Leader in virtual solutions for the optical sector. FittingBox has the world’s largest database of digital glasses photographs, with 3D glasses models and 360 ° angles.
  • Research and innovation are the keywords for FittingBox

With a strong focus on research and innovation, the technology used has been the target of several awards in France and Europe.

Thanks to the portfolio of patented technologies in the field of virtual assembly in augmented reality, 3D compression and facial detection, FittingBox has won the trust of the largest international players in the optical field, including renowned brands, large retail chains and e-commerce leaders.

The origin…

How is it possible for a nearsighted person to choose frames through an optics if he cannot see without corrective lenses?

Personally confronted with this problem, Ariel Choukron, PhD in Computer Science, together with Benjamin Hakoun, graduated from HEC in Paris, decided to create a solution when he realized that his myopia prevented him from seeing correctly in the ophthalmologist’s mirror.

Thus came the first solution, which went through creating an application for assembling virtual glasses (Virtual Try-On). FittingBox was born in 2006, under the impulse of two dynamic entrepreneurs and quickly won the support of technical and scientific organizations, while simultaneously collecting a series of awards for innovation, namely from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.