A set of applications for the ipad.

  • Virtual Mirror app: Virtual Try-On in Augmented Reality/span>
  • Stylist Assistant app: Morphological analysis in 3D counseling of models.

Reinvent the experience of your customer

  • Compliment your professional experience.
  • Help your customer find the ideal model.
  • Enlarge the offer of products in your store.

         OWIZ Mirror

The mirror reinvented

  • 22’’ mirror with touchscreen.
  • Ultra-realistic Virtual Try-On with interaction.
  • Catalogue for model selection.
  • Morphological analysis of the face in 3D.

A new way to choose and buy frames and sunglasses

  • Enlarge your exposition of products with the virtual catalogue.
  • Reduce the time your clients wait to choose the ideal model for themselves.
  • Help improve your customer’s decision.
  • Solutions for recommendation of frames with face analysis.

                                                                                                                                     OWIZ Street

The revolution of the optical communication with potential customers

Through a 48 inch screen turned to the exterior,
communicate with your customer and present your products in an innovative and appealing way.

With OWIZ STREET by Fitting Box capture the attention of new customers with DYNAMIC and INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS.