Design+Architecture are a specialized area of the design, architecture and interior decor of optical stores which began in 2013, fruit of a strategic project by Prooptica. With the purpose of offering a complete and integrated service, Prooptica takes on the challenge of improving the ambience of the stores and making them more attractive spaces for the final customer.

This is a specialized area which focuses on remodeling the interior of optical stores, construction projects and decor and also has furniture solutions!

The purpose of D+A is to incorporate lightness and functionality, giving new life to the commercial spaces being remodeled, transforming them into interactive live spaces.

Vision and Mission

Offer ideal solutions of decor, with soul, that will influence the customer experience, positively, at the store. In this way, D+A makes an effort to work in a way that awakens the 5 senses of those who visit the store, while creating value for the client and strengthening their relationships of trust and commitment to their customers.


Relies on a well-known team complete with knowledgeable expertise in the optical market. A team which begins with a careful analysis of the behavior of the customer and the inherent buying process.

Proposal of value and service