With more than a quarter of a century of history, Prooptica is currently a reference in the national optical market thanks to the dedication and commitment of an experienced team that does everything to guarantee a specialized and high-quality service. We believe we have the vision, knowledge and tools necessary to help you make your business more competitive.

“Full Eyewear Concept”

With a totally innovative concept, we are the only company to offer a fully integrated business model in 4 complementary strategic areas: Glasses, Ophthalmic lenses, Accessories and Architecture. We guarantee a broad portfolio, well segmented and adapted to the needs of a very dynamic market.


Prooptica is moved by relational links. Words like cooperation, proximity and partnership are part of our values and define the attitude we have towards our customers. We insist on always being present and following the progress of those who are part of our history.

Eyes on the Future

We are fascinated by sustainable growth and strive to improve our business value proposition, ensuring the full satisfaction of our partners. We always build history with dedication and commitment and “with an eye on the future”!


With 4 specialized business sectors in the optical market, Prooptica assumes its position as a reference in the market, that offers integrated service, and adapts 100% to the needs of their partners.

This area offers frames and sunglasses of renowned national and international brands, which distinguish themselves through innovation, elegance and the quality of the materials used. So as to guarantee a diversified supply adjusted to the needs of the market, Prooptica subdivides this area into 4 segments: Premium, Trendy, Essential and Specialist.

Representing two great brands, KODAK and NIKON, both with a range of products of the highest quality and technological basis (digital freeform manufacture), we integrate solutions of service for our clients (online orders, remote beveling, assembly of glasses), that allows us to present an integrated solution of high added-value.

A specialized area of workshop accessories and consumption products which offer practical and functional solutions due to an extensive portfolio. To improve the customer’s in-store experience and to guarantee a supply of differentiated solutions with added-value, Prooptica partnered with FittingBox, an amplified virtual reality solution.

Area specialized in interior remodeling of optics, construction projects, store decoration and furniture solutions. With an offer of turnkey solutions, our knowledge of the market and the optical business becomes an asset in our proposal of innovative, flexible and functional solutions adapted to the needs of our customers. We have a vision of the future of optics in Portugal with inspiration in the world.

  • To be reference in both integrated distribution and strategic management for the optical sector.
  • To be present in all optical stores in at least one area of business
  • To be the “Full Eyewear Concept”. To be understood as the specialist and consultant of the optical sector, grouping 4 areas of business with integrated turnkey solutions.
  • To build trustworthy partnerships integrating 4 business areas.
  • To create value for our partners through strategic and sustainable management, betting on constant innovation and integrated products and services.
  • To help the client differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market.





Dynamic and Proactive

Focus on

Credibility and


A competent, dynamic and talented team that strives to make a difference!

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