The Brand

Created in 1917, NIKON is a Japanese company classified as the 13th best company in Japan, according to a study conducted by Interbrand. A world renowned brand due to their legendary cameras, the company also manufactures countless optical precision instruments such as microscopes, telescopes and binoculars.

Nikon’s notoriety allows it to maintain 80% of its recognition in Portugal. It’s a universal brand known at all age levels and professional areas! Nikon offers a strong brand identity by being pioneer in the market and given their advanced technological value. Nikon products have a conceptualized image: excellent optics, innovation, advanced technology, reliability, quality and a high range of products. If Nikon is essentially known for photography, 90% of eyewear users spontaneously think that their skills in precision optics, are legitimate and transferable to the optical lens market.


The lenses

Nikon’s link to the optical market goes as far back as 1946 and 15 years later, they became the 2nd manufacturer of optical lenses in Japan. The brand has shown notable advances in the optical lens market, such as the diverse treatments that they have developed: anti-glare, advances in aspheric and bi-aspheric lenses and also in double faced progressives. The two main characteristics of Nikon optical lenses are the inherent technology in all their products and the strong notoriety of the brand.

Noteworthy is the importance of the action taken by Nikon in the optical market which has been reputable, due to the fact that they were pioneer in launching high indicators, such as 1.74, in their SeeCoat Blue treatment with an added concern of visual health in double-faced progressive lenses, using the most updated technology, through an aberration filter.