Conceived especially for wider close-up vision.
A lens indicated for close-up vision, guaranteeing the necessities of vision for daily activity such as using the computer, reading, etc.
Different from the standard simple lens, Soltes Wide helps to see clear forms and objects close-up as well as up to 3 meters in distance. For intermediate distance, ideal is to have a 2nd pair as a compliment to progressive glasses.


Ampla Visão de perto
Ampla Visão intermédia
Digital Surface
Actividades Indoor
Não recomendada para condução

Ideal for

  • Users that use near vision in an intensive way.
  • Young presbyopes.

Main benefits

  • Wider range in near vision.
  • Optimized intermediate vision.
  • Easy adaptability.


Within their extensive variety NIKON SOLTES WIDE offers lenses with indicators of 1.50, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74 whites.