KODAK BluProtect UV

Kodak Unique Hd

A technological breakthrough which sophisticatedly filters harmful light emitted by the artificial lighting of computers and smartphones, without distorting the perception of colors.

Why is that so important?
Whenever we use a computer, television or smartphone for long periods of time, it is common to experience eye-fatigue. These devices emit radiation from harmful blue lights, forcing our eyes to take on added and excessive strain.

KODAK Lens BluProtect UV’s goal is to provide visual improvement and ocular protection thanks to advanced anti- reflection technology which helps the user to benefit from clearer and more comfortable vision, for longer periods of time.


For all activities
Protecção 24h


  • Provides improved protection against blue lights, in a lens which is resistant to dirt, scratches and reflection.
  • Filters light with shorter wave lengths that are concentrated at the front of the retina. The light that crosses the lens is transmitted more efficiently, so that eye-fatigue is minimized and visual comfort is prolonged for greater periods of time.


Protection against blue lights allows the user to adapt to the variable conditions of illumination and improves contrast. Greater contrast provides higher definition and increases the ability to distinguish details and contours of less illuminated objects.

Anti Estático
Anti Reflexo
Resistente aos Riscos
Anti Sujidade
Repele Àgua