KODAK Clean ‘N’ Clear Lens UV


The new KODAK anti-glare treatment that protects eyes against reflected UV rays.

Why so important?
We are all exposed to ultraviolet rays during our day-to-day activity, even when the sunlight is not hitting us directly.

It is necessary to account for the ocular tissues which are the only ones in the body that are directly exposed to radiation that can damage the eyes, leading to a variety of serious ocular diseases such as cortical cataracts, pinguecula and pterygium (surfer’s eye). Therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to their protection.


For all activities
Protecção 24h


  • Anti-glare. Scratch resistant. Water repellent. Stain repellent. Anti-static.


The KODAK UV lens eliminates glare and Clean’N’Clear eliminates ultraviolet rays off the interior surface of the lens, allowing for total protection and clear vision.

Anti Estático
Anti Reflexo
Resistente aos Riscos
Anti Sujidade
Repele Àgua