KODAK Precise Digital
The renewed digital version of one of the most prestigious and reputable KODAK progressive lens designs providing easier and faster adaptation.


Easy Adaptation
For all activities
Recommended for driving

Ideal for

  • Users that seek easy and fast adaptation
  • Users that seek a quality digital lens from a reputable brand.
  • Users of conventional progressive lenses, sensitive to geometrical alterations.

Main benefits

  • Renowned design and proven digital version.
  • Visual adaptation similar to a single vision lens.
  • Visual comfort with maximum and minimum effect of balance.
  • Maximum areas of use: ergonomically designed intermediate and near sight areas.
  • Maximum aesthetic and thinner lenses.


  • Digital manufacture
  • Ergonomic area for maximum use.
  • First Vision Design: gentle and uniform distribution of power of progression.
  • Variable decentralizing: higher effectiveness of diameter, giving way to thinner lenses and more balanced thickness.