Founded in 1922, Jaguar is known throughout the whole world for its perfect marriage to sophistication and design. It seeks to spark feelings and unique, memorable moments combined with an impressive performance that makes the heart skip a beat. An exceptional design that calls attention to theatrical sensations that stimulate emotion.
Attributes such as agility, elegance and excellence, sum up the brand’s identity, which mirrors the Jaguar cars, and all that their eyewear represents: the perfect combination between performance and beauty.

Jaguar eyewear is the reflection of the unique elegance of its sporty cars, translated into pure adrenaline and emotion which are intrinsic to the brand’s DNA.
The design of the Eyewear line emerges from the perfect interpretation of the entire range of Jaguar cars. The careful choice of materials that reflect their interiors, with carbon fiber, aluminum and wood amongst others, as well as a daring selection of colors, contributes to the magical collection, making it all the more desirable to the masculine public.
The Jaguar collection is divided into 4 distinct lines: Spirit, Classic, Performance and Ultimate.