KODAK was founded in 1888 by George Eastman. The iconic brand linked to ophthalmic lenses and photography launches in 2019 in the adventure of glasses.
The first KODAK camera popularized and universalized photography using slogans like “Press the button, we take care of the rest”, highlighting the ease of taking photos and getting the desired result.

The design of the eyewear collection is inspired by Kodak’s most iconic boxes, incorporating branded technology into every detail of the pieces. Incidentally, there are some models of this KODAK FRAMES collection “Open your eyes do the rest” Differences in the 180-degree boxes that refer to the famous openings of the Kodak Retreat SLR cameras, removed as photo films.


Model inspired by the folding cameras on Kodak. The folding spring is more flexible and flexible than most, which allows the use of women.