New Balance is a sporty brand that fuses both function and fashion in its products, together with performance and style, in a very special way. Constant innovation makes them a renowned international brand, not only design wise, but also technologically, positioning themselves in the sports’ professionals market and for people who seek a style that is both casual and easygoing.

Versatile, comfortable, youthful and dynamic, New Balance takes risks with its bold color palate, keeping true to its identity from the moment it is born. The purpose of the brand is to encourage a more active and healthy lifestyle. As a sporty brand, it combines both fashion and function in its products and gives it the performance and style desired.

Having an energetic and vibrant design, this eyewear collection offers a combination of colors for men, women and teens, for both sunglasses and prescription glasses.

Maintaining a sporty DNA, New Balance reveals itself as having a range of eyewear that is comfortable and practical but also modern with a vintage twist.