Piper was born as a solution for the visual problems caused by technology and modern living. Fair and adaptable, Piper aims to protect eye sight with quality and style.

Piper glasses prevent presbyopia, improve close vision and protect the retina.

It offers:

Anti-Blue Light Tech: With a filter which improves protection against blue light and ultraviolet rays coming from digital devices.

Ultra light magnectic and ergonomic frames, with adjustable temples by a rubber string.

Anti-Reflection Lenses with Hydrophobic tech to repel water, available in 6 prescriptions.
+0,0 / +1.0 / +1,5 / +2,00 / +2,5 / +3,00

The 2021 Piper’s collection is available in 2 models (each with 6 diferent prescriptions ) and with a Piper pouch bag.

mod. PI1000
mod. PI1001
Piper pouch bag